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Maximize the Investment and ROI of your Marketing Automation Platform

We focus on only one thing: Marketing Automation Excellence. We offer expert business solutions, MA setup & integration and technical administrative management for your Marketing Automation Platform. Our platform expertise includes: Marketo, HubSpot, Adobe, Pardot, and Active Campaign.

Marketing Automation Management

Marketing planning, integration, and technical management of your MA platform

Segment audiences for targeting, marketing funnels, lead scoring & KPI reports

Design and encoding of responsive emails, landing pages, and template creation

Strategy, marketing automation assessment, and training for your marketing and sales teams

Digital2020: Transforming Business at the Intersection of Marketing & Technology

We are a marketing technology agency focused on optimizing your investment in Marketing Automation & CRM technologies. We bring expertise in email marketing, demand generation, data and analytics and revenue-producing programs that enable our clients to get the most out of their digital investments.

Marketing Automation & CRM

Nurture your leads and accelerate your sales cycle

Email Marketing & Social Media

Deliver the right message at just the right time for the right audience

Analytics & Data Science

Capture insights from your data for better execution

The team at Digital2020 helped formulate a marketing automation playbook for maximizing our global Marketo and Salesforce operations.
(Fortune 500 client)

Integration and Setup

We can setup your MA platform so your team is up and running in no time. We can also help you integrate Marketo, Adobe, Pardot, HubSpot, and Active Campaign into your CRM tool. We can prepare the data and templates for your instance, so you’re ready to hit the ground running.

Email and Landing Page Design

We can design, write copy, code and execute email nurture sequences and landing pages for your company. Our in-house staff has a great deal of experience creating nurture sequences for many companies across a variety of industries.

Results and Data Management

We analyze the results, and continue to optimize your campaigns moving forward. We also can fully manage your customer data housed in either your Marketing Automation tool or CRM platform.

Our Work



Digital Strategy

Lets our expert MA consultants show you how you can achieve true Marketing ROI with a well-planned strategy. Our strategic expertise will build you a digital strategy and roadmap aimed at long term success with your Marketing Automation Platform.



Need an assessment of your Marketing Automation Platform? We can show you what’s going on under the hood and what to do next with our Marketing Maturity Assessment solutions. We’ll examine key areas such as content, analytics, channels, lead flow, and more.


Setup & Implementation 

Let our team launch your Marketing Automation Platform with confidence. Move from concept to reality with our team, quickly and effectively, with our custom designed Setup and Implementation solutions.


Account-based Marketing

Account-based Marketing (ABM)  is a strategic program that can catapult your team’s success. We provide strategy, operational support, and the reporting you need to execute and get your program running smoothly.


Go-to-Market Strategy

Optimize your GTM strategy and tactics used to reach your audiences and engage all visitors.  Strategy and execution include aligning your MA with messaging, channels, content assets, conversion metrics, and more.



Our team has thousands of hours of Marketing Automation operational experience.  We’re ready to help you from everything related to your Marketing Automation Platform including setup, implementation, and technical support.



Whether you’re looking for high-level revenue reporting or multi-touch, lead-level insights, we can help. We can integrate 3rd party reporting systems into your MA platform. We build reports on the metrics CMOs want most.



We work with you on designing a customized training program that walks your team through every detail of your MA Platform. Our trainers are our most experienced and skilled consultants. We specialize in launching your internal teams experience level to expert status.



Our team can not only integrate your Marketing Automation platform into CRM but we can also integrate multiple technologies so you data flows freely between different systems without any interruption to your sales and marketing teams



Perfect Audience




Google Analytics


Kiss Metrics

Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics




Active Campaign




Zen Desk

Just Call

Live Help Now








Active Campaign





Survey Monkey

Constant Contact




Sugar CRM






Hoot Suite





Marketing Automation Foundation Package

Now more than ever, Marketers are armed with powerful tools, technologies and data to target specific audiences. However, the challenge of proving Marketing’s impact to revenue continues to be a key component of any high performance marketing team. Capturing and measuring what’s working and what’s not working enables a marketing team to go higher and deliver greater levels of success. Getting there requires a well-planned strategic and tactical approach. Our Marketing Automation Foundation Package sets your team up for this success. Choose any or all 4 of the areas below to get your team going down the right path:

MA Setup & Implementation

This includes a full implementation of your Marketing Automation Platform from a certified digital and technical resources for your particular system. This package includes: Setup and integration of your MA Platform; Implementation with a database of up to 500k contacts; Email Marketing Configuration; Landing Pages and Form Configuration; Database management; Administration Setup.

Marketing Maturity Assessment

Our digital strategist will work with you to assess and develop an overall picture of the maturity of your marketing automation setup. We'll examine key areas including: your database (e.g. standardization, field completeness, audience profile); targeting and segmentation; channel effectiveness; content assets; lead management (routing, standards, triggers); lead scoring and measurement.

Lead Management and Sales Alignment

The goal of this pillar is clear: to build a lead flow model for repeatable, predictable, scalable growth. Marketing and Sales alignment is critical for optimizing conversion and pipeline growth. Clearly defined, mutually agreed upon definitions and service level agreements (SLA) support team commitment and accountability. Areas to examine include: channels, lead flow, sales & marketing alignment, and KPIs/reporting.

Digital Strategy & Roadmap

We'll build a customized digital strategy aligned to your business and marketing objectives. We utilize a proven framework that is build around 4 key areas: Research and Insights, Channels, Technologies, and Marketing Team. Each of these four areas are examined closely including topics such as target market and products, competitive research, customer acquisition costs, channel effectiveness, and overall technology stack.

We found the Digital2020 Technical Due Diligence program report and subsequent presentation very helpful, thank you. Thoroughly research, detailed notes, action items for executives, managers and operational teams to understand. Well done! - Investor Client

Marketing & Technology Assessment

Digital2020 has developed a business, technical and operational marketing maturity assessment program designed to evaluate the effectiveness of a company’s maturity level for a Digital Strategy. Our marketing assessment  program provides a company with an ability to identify the effectiveness of their marketing and technology operations and understand the opportunities and risk and integrate their performance findings into a strategic roadmap for the business and technology teams.


At Digital2020, we recognize the investments that go into your products and/or services and look to evaluate and present a finding that aligns to these roadmaps. We collaborate closely with your team on your tight timelines to identify business, operational and technical opportunities your team may be missing, evaluate opportunities for future growth, document operational strengths/weaknesses of processes and people, and propose potential areas for cost reduction and additional investment. We help increase your confidence that your investment is sound and will achieve the anticipated return as well as how your potential marketing investments stacks up against other relative companies. And we do this with a business focus using language that is easy to understand, even for non-technical people.


Digital2020’s marketing assessment program will focus on 8 core areas to evaluate the effectiveness of your Products/Services in the marketplace:

  • Data: how effectively are you using customer data?
  • Targeting: is your target audience identified and are you tracking their behavior and activity in your technology?
  • Channel/Distribution: one of the core areas every company must master is where they are getting traction with their target leads and customers.
  • Content: is your content properly aligned to your targets and channels? Do you have a holistic messaging framework that is incorporated into this?
  • Conversion: are the proper systems setup to test and measure your target audiences behavior and see if they are converting?
  • Analytics: we look deep into customer lifetime value and evaluate key areas such as attribution and segments for your business strategy.
  • Technology: is your technology stack aligned properly to your business goals and objectives? What about risk? Does it scale with your company?
  • Mobile: customers demand a mobile experience that meets their needs no matter the device or platform they are on. Are you delivering?
  • Data

  • Targeting

  • Channel

  • Content

  • Conversion

  • Analytics

  • Technology

  • Mobile


No retainer, no monthly fees – just pay as you go, when you need us.

Whether you’re a small business looking to grow your marketing strategy, or an established company looking to switch to an automated process, we can help. Our billing strategy is simple – we bill you for the work we’ve done, and not a penny more. No retainers, no hidden fees, and no minimums. Contact us today for a free consultation of how we can help.

  • Hourly Fee

  • $80hr
  • Pay as you go

    Need a Marketing Automation expert, offering our wide range of services, but not sure how much help you’ll need on a monthly basis? No problem. You get our full range of services, and we simply track the hours worked. No monthly fees.

  • Monthly Management

  • $3,000mo
  • 40 Hours per/month

    Need an ongoing asset, who can help you execute email and landing page projects, set them up, segment data, deploy and analyze results? Then this is the package for you.

Contact Us

Digital2020 is a marketing technology agency who helps companies worldwide improve processes, drive leads and grow revenues. With extensive expertise in marketing automation, segmentation and analytics, campaign planning and management, we work with cost-conscious global organizations clients to build strategic marketing operations that drive growth.

Our services include:

  • Marketing automation implementation and management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) system implementation and management
  • Demand center setup and management
  • Campaign planning and execution
  • Database and contact management
  • Teleservices and data appending
  • Digital marketing strategy and execution